Post Pandemic World & the Future of Micromobility

Have you ever wondered how the world will be shaped  right after we make sure that the pandemic is over? How the human experiences will be changed? We are pretty sure that...

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Three Things You Need to Know Before Starting Your Fleet

Do you want to start your own e-scooter fleet but don't know where to start? Then, we've got you covered. Boqu scooters are almost ready to join your fleet, so the only...

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Future of Urban Transport

How will micro mobility redefine the methods of travel?   Transportation plays an essential role in our everyday lives. We all rely on different transportation methods to get to our schools, homes,...

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Value of Travel Time Spent

In our modern era traveling has changed significantly due to advancements in technology and trends in globalization. Although it is challenging, adapting to the latest advancements has become de facto for each...

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Key Features to Consider When Operating Your E-scooter Fleet

The concept of micro mobility has been placed in the center of our lives since the idea dropped in. Especially in crowded cities, it is the perfect solution to escape traffic and...

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Where does Turkey stand in the micro mobility industry?

Micro mobility and sharing ecosystem concepts are getting into our lives more and more every day. Electric scooter rental initiatives have become highly popular in Turkey in 2019 and 2020. After the...

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