Key Features to Consider When Operating Your E-scooter Fleet

The concept of micro mobility has been placed in the center of our lives since the idea dropped in. Especially in crowded cities, it is the perfect solution to escape traffic and freely move around. Plus, you don't need to worry about parking lots, don't need to own a vehicle, or maintenance. Thanks to sharing operators, now we can simply rent a vehicle via mobile apps, use the vehicle as long as we like, then drop off and move on. Electric scooters are one of the best options when it comes to ease of use. The industry is getting bigger and bigger everyday, since adoption of sharing scooters are five times faster than sharing bikes. Most of the sharing operators started to franchise the operations in order to be able to manage growth of their fleet. While it is super easy from the user perspective, how is it to own a sharing scooter company? What are the key features to consider? 



Although it is a new concept to embrace, many governments have published scooter regulations according to their country’s infrastructure. If you want to operate your fleet, you need to consider regulations very seriously.



This is not a secret, safety first! You need to make sure that the vehicles you serve are fully maintained. Motor and brake systems, battery status must be checked so you don't leave it to customers to struggle with broken scooters. Additionally, providing protective gears to the consumers would remarkably reduce the potential accident risks.


Drive performance

Design aside, when it comes to the performance of the vehicles, it is highly crucial to have not only a high efficient motor and brake system, but also a sustainable battery system. Especially one of the weakest points in the market is battery systems, so the following are very important;

  • Vehicle autonomy
  • Accurate detection of battery state of charge (SoC)
  • Battery expected life (state of health)


High reliability

We live in a fast world. Consumers want to reach any organization any time. Even if it is for a small question, you must be there when they need you. You must be responsive to all messages no matter where they are coming from. Constant customer service is going to be very efficient in order to be in touch with your customers.


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