Where does Turkey stand in the micro mobility industry?

Micro mobility and sharing ecosystem concepts are getting into our lives more and more every day. Electric scooter rental initiatives have become highly popular in Turkey in 2019 and 2020. After the first encounter with sharing e-scooters with Martı in İstanbul, users seem to get along with the idea of micro mobility. With its popularity increasing, it didn't take long for new players to join the market such as Palm, Binbin and Hop.


In September 2020, the second Micro Mobility Focus Group Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu with the participation of sector representatives. While the future of modern micro-transportation systems, which add movement and freedom to city life was discussed in depth, the first draft for the standards to be met as well as the current situation of the sector was determined.


It was pointed out that the number of shared 4.6 million e-scooters worldwide is expected to increase 6 times by 2024, it was also stated that it is planned to reduce 1.7 billion tons of carbon emissions annually in the world with micro mobility vehicles. Currently 25 thousand e-scooters in Turkey are used by over 3 million citizens. Especially during the epidemic period, the demand for alternative transportation vehicles and their presence in traffic increased rapidly.


The regional market is fueled by the growing awareness among consumers to adopt clean energy transportation to curb vehicular emissions, rapid urbanization, and the increasing affordability of e-scooters. Additionally, R&D activities will continue to give this market a significant boost over the next decade.


According to the founder of Startups.watch, about 14.5 million dollars were invested in mobility initiatives in Turkey. Also, Minister Karaismailoğlu underlined that especially efficient, safe, effective, innovative, dynamic, environmentally friendly and value-added smart transportation systems have come to the fore recently, and noted that they have implemented important projects to rapidly complete the integration into this period. And domestic and national production will be supported.


Therefore, Turkey streets are ready and full of potential for the new players in the city. However, there are still some issues that should be considered for electric scooter sharing companies, such as regulations, safety, and sustainability. Although Martı seems to be the biggest player with its fleet now, users are criticizing the brand about broken bells, handles and handlebars. Meanwhile, rivals are investing in more qualified vehicles. Considering the possibilities in the field, it seems like sharing companies which serve the best user experience will be adopted by the consumers, and the rest will be eliminated from the game. Fair play y'all!


First regulations announced in Turkey includes substances below;

  • The maximum speed of electric scooters will be 18 km per hour.
  • These vehicles will not be able to be used on highways, intercity roads and highways with a maximum speed limit of 50 km / h.
  • Age limit 18 will be sought for electric scooters. Those between the ages of 16-18 will be allowed on the condition that they have an M and A1 license.
  • More than one person will not be able to use electric scooters.
  • In these vehicles, other than personal belongings, goods / cargo cannot be carried.
  • These vehicles will not be allowed to endanger pedestrians and disadvantaged groups (disabled / elderly).
  • Electric scooters will be used in integration with public transportation vehicles.
  • Helmets will not be obligatory, but the use of protective equipment such as helmets, knee pads, reflectors and jackets will be encouraged.
  • Piling up of electric scooters in certain areas will be prevented.
  • It will be used in a way that will not disturb public order and create noise pollution.
  • Intercity roads and roads above the maximum speed limit of 50 km/h will not be used. If there is a bicycle path in the city roads, he will be able to go on the right lane if not on the bicycle path. Traffic tickets can be given to drivers who violate the rules.


 Beril Oktay